Air Amplifier GPLV 2-stations


PLV series Air Amplifiers are suitable for the compression of pressurised air or nitrogen. The units are capable of increasing low system pressures of e.g. 4 bar or 6 bar to the intended final pressures. They are ideally suited for local pressurisation or point of use applications requiring higher pressures than is available in a factory shop air system. Typical areas of application for the Maximator air amplifier type PLV can be found in the area of Burner cleaning (Purging of impurities with 16-bar pressure shocks), automotive sector (Filling of tyres with 16-bar pressure), varnishing industry (Cleaning of varnishing systems ) or even in general mechanical engineering for the compressed air supply for the actuation of valves or pneumatic cylinders.

  • Reduced pressure pulsation due to 40L gas tank
  • Any volume peaks that may arise during consumption are compensated by tank volume
  • Working pressure can be optionally set using a pressure regulator at the pressure outlet
  • Working pressure: 16 bar
  • Air Drive pressure: 1 bar - 8 bar
  • Flow capacity: approx. 1200 ln/min*


  • Air Pressure Boosting
  • Nitrogen Boosting
  • Laser Cutting


  • Automotive
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Defence
  • Industrial & Manufacturing