GENAQ Nimbus N4500


GENAQ Nimbus N4500 is an atmospheric water generator in a Remote Supply format, with a nominal generation capacity of 4537 liters/day.

  • It is ideal for industrial installations such as oil rigs, mining camps, construction  sites, schools or any other remote facility.
  • It is designed to be transported with trucks.
  • It can operate under extreme environmental conditions up to 55ºC with the ability to extract water with low ambient humidity.
  • It has been optimized to lower the energy cost of water generation.
  • Compatible with an external tank, maintaining clean water thanks to the  integrated recirculation mode.
  • Several water purification options are available.


  • Ideal water generation for rural or remote facilities that has limited access to clean water.


  •  Oil Rigs
  •  Mining
  • Rural Schools
  • Remote facilities
  • Construction
  • Defence