Denair Oil-free Scroll Air Compressor


Oil Free Scroll Air Compressors - 2.2kW - 37kW (DWW)

  • Clean Air 100% Oil-Free
  • Oil-free type compressors can supply clean air.
  • Low noise & Low Vibration
  • Silent operation and low vibration assure comfortable and quiet work space.
  • Safe Backup Function
  • Even if one air end fails, another air end automatically replaces it by jump control. Unmanned operation at night has become easy.
  • Easy to Control
  • High quality microcomputer is mounted. Digital maintenance monitor displays operating conditions, warnings and cautions. Automatic power failures and res dealt with easily.
  • Compact and Smart Design
  • There are no extruding handles on the back of machine. Its simple design and reduced installation space required allow it to fit well in any office.
  • Designed especially for medical, pharmacy, laboratory, instrument, coating, chemical industry and food processing, etc.



  • Automotive
  • Food & Beverage
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Instrumentation Air
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical