Denair Centrifugal Compressors


Centrifugal Compressor - 132kW - 14500kW (DAC) DENAIR Group is considered as one of the leading manufacturers of air compressor products.
  • Rotor dynamic analysis Rotor system critical speed analyze is the theory of safety operation of compress.
  • Motor modal analysis Stress and strain analysis of impeller. The aerodynamic design Centrifugal Compressor Parameter Selection Analyze various vibration modes of impeller under high speed rotating state, and adjust relevant design parameters to avoid resonance, ensure stable operation and work of the compressor.
  • Stress and strain analysis of impeller. Use the professional designing tool, the impeller strength analysis, and the selection of different materials and structures, the impeller is safe loaded which ensure the long life and stable operation of itself.
  • The aerodynamic design
Through CFD calculation and analysis of the basic model, the shape and collocation of blade, diffuser and scroll are optimized, and the aerodynamic design is constantly improved to achieve higher efficiency and wider turndown range.  


  • H2-Compression
  • N2-Compression
  • CO2-recovery
  • Fuel gas delivery (fuel gas boosting)
  • Synthesis gas storage


  • Automotive
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining