SPRESS and Maximator

SPRESS and Maximator: A Partnership Powered by Leadership, Innovation and Centuries of Expertise

About Maximator:

With almost 140 years of development, Maximator GmbH has established itself as a technology leader in high-pressure technology. Maximator provides certified innovative solutions in a wide range of sectors and applications with high-quality components and systems. Over the past four decades, the primary goal has been to maximise the benefits for customers by leveraging the experience of delivering reliable products and solutions.

Experience and Expertise: A Legacy of Innovation

Maximator has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1882. Throughout the years, they have continuously evolved and adapted to meet the changing needs of industries across the globe. The extensive experience has enabled the team to develop a deep understanding of high-pressure technology and its applications.
With their keen expertise, Maximator offers solutions for sectors such as, automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, energy, and many others. Understanding the unique challenges and requirements of each industry, allows Maximator to tailor their products and systems to meet client needs effectively.

A Win-Win Partnership! A Win for Customers, a Win for the Brand!

Through the perfect fusion of Maximator’s reliable high-pressure technologies and SPRESS’s expertise in specialised pressure vessels, a truly exceptional product range has emerged. SPRESS proudly stands as the trusted and certified provider for authentic Maximator machinery in the whole of Africa. With many counterfeits flooding the market, Spress ensures that customers get only genuine Maximator products. Get ready to explore the world of genuine Maximators, exclusively at Spress! At any SPRESS branch conveniently located across Southern Africa, customers can discover high-quality solutions for their high-pressure requirements. Whether it’s reliable testing systems, high-performance gas boosters, or tailor-made pressure vessels, we have got it all covered.

Streamlined Customer Experience

When two industry leaders join forces, it’s the customers who reap the benefits. The collaboration between Maximator and SPRESS brings a seamless and streamlined experience to their clients, with comprehensive solutions tailored to each customer’s unique requirements. From initial consultation and design to manufacturing and installation. This collaboration enhances customer satisfaction and solidifies Maximator and SPRESS as trusted names in the industry.

SPRESS and Maximator: Superior Engineering Solutions

The partnership between Maximator and SPRESS serves the industry with their ability to deliver results. Maximator’s innovative solutions and innovative technology, coupled with SPRESS’s network and industry knowledge, create the perfect combination. Together, they provide a comprehensive range of products and services that drive technological advancements.

“Maximator and SPRESS are paving the way for the future of high-pressure technologies,” said MD of Spress Dawie Strauss